Homage to Bathsheba Ghost

Memorial stone at gravesite commemorates Bathsheba Ghost, the Matron of Sydney General Hospital from 1852-1866. Bathsheba Ghost was an ex-convict who was granted a conditional pardon in 1847 on condition she did not return to the United Kingdom. Just five years after her conditional pardon, Bathsheba Ghost was appointed Matron of the Sydney Infirmary and Dispensary. She was commemorated in 1864 as having worked at the Infirmary for 20 years. Matron Bathsheba Ghost died at her workplace, the Sydney Infirmary and Dispensary on the 12 August 1866. When her will was read, it was found that she had donated one hundred pounds – a very large sum in those days – to the hospital where she had worked.

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Living in Sydney, I use an SLR camera with 35mm Fx sensor or film. While the grail for me is 'the ultimate portrait', the practice remains mainly street.

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